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Airbnb Hosts – Guest Toiletries & Amenities

As an Airbnb host, you’ll know that there’s a lot of competition out there. So, what are you going to do about it? Read on with some helpful tips!

Attracting a good stream of guests to your space means standing out above the rest; and one highly effective way of doing this, no matter how FABULOUS their location or how stylish their property may be, is to beat them on amenities.

By which, we mean all those little details and special touches which add not only comfort and convenience but a real feeling of luxury to your guests’ experience.

Amenities to make your space special

In-room slippers and amenity display trays; individual guest toiletries from shampoos to soaps, and shower caps to sewing kits; stylish do not disturb signs and eye shades; earplugs, and even those neat little toothbrush kits: these are just the kind of amenities which can make your space feel more like a boutique hotel than just a lovely space to stay in. These are the kind of thoughtful finishing touches which generate rave reviews and attract extra bookings and income.

The problem, as you know only too well, is that rounding up all the various comforts of home, it takes you a great deal of time and legwork, pounding the internet highway in search of 101 little luxuries in time for your guests’ arrival.

So as an Airbnb host, how do you get hold of all these things in the small quantities you need, without having to spend so much of your precious time finding and buying them? Let’s face it, you’re not a hotel, and you’re never going to need the kind of bulk orders of two thousand guest shampoo bottles or fifty display trays which allow you to do business with the BIG hospitality trade suppliers.

Providing AirBnB hosts with superb quality products

The good news is, in fact, you can do exactly that. Custom Amenities will just as happily supply you with small pack sizes of our products as we will a bulk wholesale order, and with exactly the same efficient and friendly service along with fast delivery and even a money back guarantee.

Better still, we can supply you with absolutely everything you need, all on the same order, and without even needing to leave your home; so no more dashing around picking up umpteen different items from half a dozen stores, and no more having to buy ridiculous quantities just to get the right product at the right price.

At Custom Amenities, we’ve been supplying hospitality products and guest amenities to hotels, small bed and breakfast and vacation rental owners for over 57 years, so our business is perfectly geared to providing Airbnb hosts like you with superb quality products at wholesale prices, even in the smallest of quantities, and all backed up by our hallmark friendly and helpful service.

Custom Amenities can help make your Airbnb business more successful and easier to run, so please try out our unrivaled service and terrific products either by ordering online from our secure website or by calling our friendly team on 1 800 661 1500

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