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Dispensers vs Bottles



 At a recent hospitality trade show, We were asked what the pros and cons are of replacing the little bottle with dispensers, So we thought we would lay it out here in our blog.

Being that the environment seems to be a priority these days, Dispensers are often considered a great alternative at first glance, However, We've found some interesting facts that you may wish to consider prior to making a switch.

Hotel Example model: 150 room 3-4 star

Occupancy: 65%  (Annual sold rooms: 33,000)

Dispenser / Liquid costs

*Dispenser cost / Shower model 3 button Unit Cost: $38.00 x 150 rooms = $5700.00

*Filled cartridges (to get started): 3 liquids (Shampoo, Conditioner , Body Wash) 3 x $1.85 (Cost per 8.5 oz x 150 rooms = $832.50

Total Start up cost for product: $6,532.50

*Annual liquid costs: 12 mls of liquid (average customer usage), per product x 3 (Different liquids), per sold room 33,000 (Annual usage): 1,188,000 mls or 297 (jugs) x $28.00 (per jug) = $8,316.00

Labour Specifics

Install Costs: 150 x 30 mins per install: Assuming maintenance personnel per hour: $20 hour : $10 per room x 150 = $1500

Here's where the cost really adds up!

Housekeeping (Checking, cleaning and refilling): 2 mins per room per day. Assuming room attendant per hour: $20 (divided by) 30 room dispenser ( Incl: cleaning, refilling) per hour: $.66 labour cost per room per day. Annual housekeeping labour cost: $.66 x 150 x 65% (occupancy) x 365 = $23,487.75 Annual labour costs to maintain. Crazy right!!!!!

Total annual cost:

Year 1: $6,532.50 (Dispensers + initial startup fill) + $8,316.00 (297 4litre jugs, combined product)  + $1500 (Labour to install) + $23,487.75 (Checking, cleaning and refilling) = $39,836.25 

Year 2: $8,316.00 (297 4 litre jugs) + $23,487.75 (Checking, cleaning and refilling)= $31,803.75

Okay...Now lets add up the costs of 3 little bottles

Toiletries: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash

Cost per bottle: .30 each x 3= .90 x 150 rooms (65% occupancy) 33,000 x Actual bottle "Usage factor" ( *Shampoo usage per sold room 40% (.12) *Conditioner usage per sold room 30% (.09) , * Body Wash usage per sold room: 40% (.12)

Note: Usage factor based on actual customer usage compared over 500 customer properties. 

Total: .33 per sold room x 33,000 = $10,890.00

Housekeeping (Replacing): 1 mins per room per day. Assuming room attendant per hour labour cost: $20 (divided by) 60 rooms per hour $.33 labour cost per room per day. Annual housekeeping labour cost: $.33 x 150 x 65% (occupancy) x 365 = $11,743.87

Total annual cost: $22,633.87

So, there's the numbers, now lets talk environment.

Amenity bottles: Plastic weight per bottle (Empty, ready for trash):

* 5 oz x 13,200 (Sham) 9,900 (Conditioner) 13,200 (Bath Gel) = (36,300 total bottles) = 181,500 oz of plastic to the landfill 

Bulk containersPlastic weight per 4 litre jug (Including pump) (Empty, ready for trash)

* 378 oz x 297 (jugs)  = 112,266 oz of plastic to the landfill.

So.....As we mentioned in the first part of this article, "Dispensers are often considered a great alternative at first glance", But at a second glance, They most certainly cost more.

Another point that needs to be brought up....Which, is ultimately more important than the math: What do your guests think?

Here's some good articles, and if you scroll down to the bottom of these pages, you'll get some insight from actual guests:

Dispenser sanitary study link:

Anyway, the choice is yours of course. But, At least now you are informed of the pros and cons.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, and if you have any questions, comments, or advice, do not hesitate to email or call us anytime!

Best Regards,

Team Custom

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