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Amenity Dispensers


Lately we seem to be getting more inquiries regarding guest room dispensers, So we thought we would put together some question and answers that you may find interesting.

Q: How do dispensers mount in the shower?

A: There are two ways. 1) Hard mount (Screws) 2) Soft mount (Silicone adhesive). We definitely recommend the soft mount method. Drilling holes into your expensive tiles or tub surround is not only time consuming, it can be disastrous! If the screw holes are not sealed, water infiltration can occur.

Q: Should the dispenser be tamper resistant?

A: Absolutely. A keyed dispenser helps prevent tampering with the product.

Q: Which is better, Dispensers that can be refilled with bulk product, or prefilled replaceable cartridges?

A: The issue with prefilled cartridges is that not only are they expensive, they defeat the whole environmental aspect of using dispensers in the first place. Once the prefilled cartridge is 85% empty, it needs to be replaced, as you do not want your guest to run out of product (Product waste). On top of that, if you are replacing the prefilled cartridge every 10-15 stays, the amount of plastic that you are discarding, is almost the same as when you had amenity sized bottles available. 

Q: At what point do the cleaning staff need to add product to the dispenser?

A: We feel it is always a good idea to keep the chambers at least half full. The last thing you want is the customer running out halfway through a shower. :| 

Q: How much will we go through on average?

A: On average, a guest will use: Shampoo: 10-25mls | Conditioner: 10-20mls | Body Wash 20-40mls. 

Q: How many of each bulk liquid should we keep on hand?

A: It really depends on occupancy and size of your property. Lets say you have an average of 65% x 50 rooms (12,000 sold rooms per year) Based on the usage mention in the previous question, You will go through annually: Shampoo 210 litres (42 jugs) 3.5 jugs per month, Conditioner 180 litres (36 jugs) 3 jugs per month, Body Wash 360 litres (72 jugs) 6 jugs per month. We think its best to have at least 1-1 1/2  month on hand at any time.

I'm sure that we have only covered some of the questions that we,ve been asked, so as we think of more, We'll be sure to add to this blog as time goes on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and should you have any questions, or comments, do not hesitate to call or email us anytime.

Team Custom 

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