AMBR Spa by Custom Amenities Inc.

Classy, Elegant, and Luxurious are just a few words to describe AMBR Spa guest amenities.
Fragranced with green tea, a mild unisex scent that your guests will surely love.  
The liquids offered in this luxurious line are Conditioning shampoo, conditioner, lotion & body wash. All packaged in our soft squeeze tube bottles.
 AMBR Spa bottles are made using our exclusive ESA bio-tech additive which allows the bottles to biodegrade once disposed of.
In-land ~ On-land ~ In water.
The soaps offered consist of a 30g Luxury bar, 35g massage bar and a perfect leaf glycerine soap.
All soaps are made using a vegetable base with light green tea fragrance and packaged in our soft feel pillow wrap, that guarantees a fresh bar every time.
 A wonderful collection of hotel guest amenities you will be proud to leave for your guests.

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TRU by ECO Sciences

What is that smell? Not TRU by ECO sciences!


Introducing our very first fragrance free guest amenity line – TRU by ECO Sciences.

TRU has quickly become a guest favorite.

With the number of people that have sensitivities to fragrances, We believe that TRU will be a welcome upgrade, and result in higher guest satisfaction.

According to an article in Best Health magazine, Fragrance free products are the "buzz" lately.

You can read the article here:

All TRU by eco sciences products are formulated without using any color additives or fragrances.

The salon grade liquids are packaged in a tinted soft squeeze tube with easy to use flip top cap.

TRU soaps are all made using our crafted vegetable base with no fragrance added, and are sealed in our tinted soft touch pillow wrapper that guarantees a fresh bar every time.

Guest amenities beyond compare!

Call us toll free 1.800.661.1500

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