Dignity That So Many of Us Take For Granted

For people without homes, whether it be the result of natural disaster or personal crisis, finding basic necessities like food, water, and toiletries can be a daily struggle. Custom Amenities is a direct source for essential toiletries, such shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant -  items that many of us take for granted. 

Small bottles save space and make it possible for someone without regular shelter to stay clean while relying on public rest areas for bathing.   

Dental access is often blocked for those who can’t afford health insurance. To help people in need keep their teeth healthy and pain-free on their own, dental supplies is a must. We offer bulk tooth brushes and dental kits.  

Additional amenities offered by Custom Amenities include a wide range of personal care products: mouthwashshower gel, shave cream, ear plugs, razors and more. 

Our no minimum order requirements are an economical solution. For shelters and organizations with more than 100 rooms, Custom Amenities can offer further discounts to our online wholesale prices depending on volume.  Should you have any questions, we can help you through the product selection with knowledgeable, friendly customer service.

ENSURING EVERYONE IS AFFORDED THE DIGNITY SO MANY OF US TAKE FOR GRANTED – choose toiletry supplies that let them know you care.