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Hotel Guest Amenities Low Volume ESA (50 sets) Hotel Supplies Canada

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Enjoy some of the best from our ESA collection with our Low Volume ESA Guest Amenities Case Pack! 50 sets per case and perfect for vacation rentals, guest cottages, condos or any smaller property. Your guests will be sure to be impressed!

Fragrance: Honey (Shampoo), Honeysuckle (Conditioner), Aloe Vera (Shower Gel), Sweet Almond (Lotion)
Size: 38 ml (Bottles)
One Bulk Case Pack Includes: 50 ESA Hotel Shampoo, 50 ESA Hotel Conditioner, 50 ESA Hotel Lotion, 50 ESA Hotel Facial Bars 20 g, 50 ESA Hotel Oatmeal bars 34 g, 50 hotel makeup remover wipes. 
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